Alesis D4/D5 Drum Modules Service Manual ii. 02/19/ PREFACE. This document is intended to assist the service technician in the operation. ALESIS D4 Reference Manual CHAPTER 1 – INTRODUCTION 51 CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing the Alesis D4 Drum Sound. 00 10/17/95 Alesis D4/D5 Drum Modules Service Manual i 02/19/03 PREFACE This document is intended to assist the service technician in the operation.

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An excellent text for those just getting started with MIDI, synthesis, and related topics. The various buttons are organized as follows.


The DCAY control adjusts the time and threshold of the signal decay making it possible for the D4 to correctly determine whether closely spaced signals are “real” hits or just decay.

Any sound can mannual sent to either stereo pair and panned to any of seven positions in the stereo field. Likewise, continuous controller message 38 data entry LSB is ignored. Mask Roms in the D5 have a 20 aelsis address buss thus only 2 are needed.

I really like the D-4 and will be the owner of the newer DM5 module as well. The first page is the Drum Set Root Note screen, which says: However, it will not trigger any sounds or MIDI note messages.

These were installed at the factory and should not be of too much concern to the technician. Page 4 Owners Manual. Decide which two voices should be individual voices, such as kick and snare; assign these to the Aux outputs, and all other drums panned as desired to the Main outputs.


This data often contains information about individual instrument programs. Soon after, the display should change to “Testing Trig mahual.

Use the Data wheel to select the memory location into which the edited Drum Set should be saved as shown by the cursor. If instead not all of the buttons have been pressed, maanual D5 will display “Fail Switch Test”. They are subject to extraneous noise pickup, varying gain, and system noise, all of which make reliable triggering difficult.

Alesis D4 Manuals

When a valid parameter number has been set up for editing, the display and cursor will be updated just as though the parameter had been selected from the front panel.

Turn the Data wheel clockwise to select higher-numbered drum kits or counterclockwise to select lower-numbered drum kits. For example, a hard hitting player might have a difficult time in playing the softer velocity sounds available in the D4 due to the high impact of most of his hits.

CT2 provides further filtering and smoothing.

Alesis D4 Quick Setup Manual

Turn the Data qlesis to select the desired level of suppression necessary to stop the pad from false triggering. An underline cursor indicates that a parameter is available for editing. In All Test mode, the D5 runs all of the tests in series.

Sequentially lights all LEDs beginning with the upper left corner. To enter All Test mode: Failures in the reset circuit can cause symptoms ranging from loss of battery backup to a complete machine lock up. Make sure the cursor is under the Controllers status. This can be useful for auditioning the various preset Drum Sets.

However, if desired you can save to another location in memory. Binary counters UU20 are used to synchronize the decoding process. The AC power supply plug or cord is damaged, d.

  DPM BL-100303 PDF

The D4 fits conveniently into a single rack space. Connect up to 1 1 more pads to any of the remaining 1 1 rear panel trigger inputs. Big “O” There are two manuak to select the drum sound to be edited or previewed: Group 1 and 2: This is to provide the maximum possible amount of headroom to this output. D44 voice is velocity-sensitive: Since this button is velocity-sensitive, harder taps will give a louder sound. STB 25 Instruction latch strobe.

Alesis D4 | Vintage Synth Explorer

While listening to the main outs, adjust the DAC trimpot for minimum distortion. Keep the operating xlesis and safety suggestions for reference in the future. It starts with the Main Left channel.

A properly adjusted gain setting will allow the highest dynamic range for the pad being used. Press the D4 Store button. If you want to save a Drum Alesiss, the D4 will default to saving it to its existing memory slot. To use these optional outputs, patch them into your monitoring system or mixer.

Stereo with Fixed Placement: To audition other banks of sounds, press the left cursor button so that the first character of the Bank name is underlined, as in the following example: Velocity Corresponds to dynamics; values range from minimum velocity to maximum velocity. Once a Drum Set has been edited, a period appears in the display after the Drum Set number.

Values are variable from 00 to OFF, ignored if already off! Links for the Alesis D4 Drum Module.