Listen to the best Cararea pierduta shows. pierduta shows. Popular. Biografii, Memorii: Henry Alain Fournier – Cararea Pierduta () · #teatru radiofonic. Biografii, Memorii: Henry Alain Fournier – Cararea Pierduta () · #teatru radiofonic · Biografii, Memorii: Henry Alain Fournier – Cararea Pierduta (). Recomandare lectura: “Cararea pierduta” de Alain-Fournier. April 10, Admin 1. Ultima carte primita din colaborarea cu Libris pe care mi-am dorit sa o.

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My first attempt was derailed five years ago; the second was ultimately successful only after a three-month hiatus. Then all his life he searches for that house cournier girl.

View all 16 comments. Not really fair of me to judge you then, is it? It took me nearly half a year to start. I guess in a way translated works pieruta fiction are like that, lacking an ingredient.

Some time after leaving university I was in a club; and at one point in the, er, festivities I was tapped on the shoulder.

He then takes Francois outside and sets them off. And this little volume carried so much weight by now, as a favourite of several people – exes, friends, the hard-to-label – from different times and places in my life However, to give the impression that Le Grand Meaulnes is nothing more than a kind of teenage fantasy or fairy-tale, or pierudta a pacey mystery, is to undersell it. Glad to have read a Alain-Fournier. There are dying men or others who are waiting for a debt to come due, who wish that tomorrow would never come.

Dai, andiamo a farli esplodere! Read the Introduction after the book because it gives away much of the plot.


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Who knows what Fournier could have gone on to achieve, he had the potential to be a very special writer, and as a first written work of fiction it certainly is a lavish one and has at times the feel of a fairytale that children would get read at bedtime, the narrative is superb and the book on the whole is easy to read so for younger readers looking for a good place to start with classic French literature this would qualify as doesn’t contain the complexities and deep character studies of some of the other renowned classic French writers.

I stop to listen. The literary world is so much the poorer for his loss as well as for the loss of many more novels he surely would have w Although Le Grand Meaulnes sometimes translated as The Wanderer or The Lost Estate was written inwhich was more in the decadent or modernism era, this lovely, mysterious novel falls definitely into the category of late Romanticism. Nov 22, Bogna rated it it was amazing.

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But because I did not have any other fiction unread in my bookshelves I continued reading. However, that same year, he joined the army and died while in the battlefront. The original s film version of this novel is a beautiful tribute to the spirit of Alain-Fournier’s story. Before his search comes to an end, a bungled suicide will leave one character disfigured; a brief affair in Paris will lead a young woman to the streets….

Now and then the wind, damp with enough mist to moisten our cheeks, brings the sound of a piano, like some tune gone astray. I was devastated, but being 11 or so I quickly recovered and moved on to other adventures, though in many ways the adventures in that secret marsh were never replicated, never surpassed, so it became a place in my imagination, a fertile place representing the unselfconscious mysteries and adventures of youth.


What happened to him? Throughout the book both the older Francois and the young Meaulnes are trying to recapture something ephemeral, something that therefore cannot be recaptured. Le Grand Meaulnesalso known as The Wanderer when translated and published in the US, is a semi-autobiographical novel.

Alain-Fournier interrupted his studies in and from to he performed his military service. What is the map for?

Long live le grand Meaulnes! Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I know my home city well, but being drunk, with my attention elsewhere, I had no real idea how we came to be in the place where we ended up. A provincial yet quite spellbinding story.

It’s like sex with rubbers and without. So he then contorts himself in plot-twists? Who is this girl, I thought to myself, whose life briefly merged with mine only to suddenly disappear? It is going to be a love story?

Maybe this book will mean something to somebody else. To ask other readers questions about Le Grand Meaulnesplease sign up. Myself, I only have two languages: If you can read and truly appreciate any book in the original language, how can you honestly judge the value of a translation?

They have this book as a required reading in their schools. Trivia About Le Grand Meaulnes.