While the Gods Play. Shaiva Oracles and Predictions on the Cycles of History and the Destiny of Mankind. By (author) Alain Daniélou. While the Gods Play. While the Gods Play has 23 ratings and 2 reviews. While the Gods Play: Shaiva Oracles and Predictions on the Cycles of History and the Alain Daniélou. Read “While the Gods Play Shaiva Oracles and Predictions on the Cycles of History and the Destiny of Mankind” by Alain Daniélou with Rakuten Kobo.

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I found this reaction very interesting. These people speak a language of prehistoric origin which nobody can understand, but several of the youths knew a few words of a dialect called budelkhandi, which closely resembles Hindi. In the time of Lakulisha, the Akhada s regimentswhich were religious military ordersreassumed a great importance. At night, while alaain heat was slowly subsiding, we would look at the stars and listen to the sounds of the forest.

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In this sense I have been very fortunate. His doctrine, under the name of Buddhism, was to have.

While the Gods Play

Ramesh rated it really liked it Oct 25, However, the moralistic religions have often been vehicles for conquest: The sexual practices withholding the spermatic essence and trying to absorb the feminine essence are identical to those of Yoga. The same thing happens during the great mela of Amarkantak, in central India, near the headwaters of the Sone and Narmada rivers. The impending cataclysm, Danielou explains, is brought on by our own errors, and its date will be whike by our present and future actions.

This is why, instead of leading to serious considerations on the nature of man, the world, and the tne, it has concentrated on scientific discoveries and their applications. In my opinion, this is a relatively new stance and a highly interesting one, one that I rarely encounter these days, because the ones that I usually encounter are, “They came, they conquered, and they made everything better”. We were taken to a small village of huts hidden in the forest.

Now we can give all we have; not only the physical objects that stand in our way, but all the experience, wisdom, and tenderness we have acquired, forming that precious soil on which new lives, new experiences will develop and flower. Sacrifices satisfy one of man’s deepest needs and definitely play an important role in the psychology of the masses.


All these religions and philosophical movements are moralistic and puritanical in character, demonstrate a belief in transmigration, and also oppose polytheism and ecstatic practices. I can leap into adventures without even thinking of the risks involved, and have never known fear.

A Civilization of Differences. Although we were advised against it, we decided to explore medieval temples almost exclusively. The gdos is blowing through the trees.

Only those who succeed in freeing themselves from various forms of monotheism, dogmatism, blind faith, Christianity, Islam, and Marxism can ever hope to approach the multiple aspects of the divine, understand the proper place of man within the scheme of Creation, and discover the true path of tolerance and love as well as the good will of beasts, men, and gods.

Then they were buried and left underground for several hours. Sign up and aalin a free eBook! I was quite astonished by the difference in atmosphere between the avant-garde circles of my youth, when artists flirted with the absurd without taking themselves seriously, and the postwar intellectuals who pondered over it with pedantic solemnity.

Alain Danielou: While the Gods Play

From time to time they would arrange a meeting in one of those private rooms for government officials that can be found in all the Indian railroad stations. The Vikrama era had begun in 58 B. Scott Thornton added it Jan 21, A modest amount of this spinach-like substance, the size of a small hazelnut, is mixed with almond milk and sweetened water. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Plutarch reports that Alexander p,ay of himself: Some of them remain unbalanced for the rest of their lives. Raymond was a superb technician and the thirty-two-inch-high enlargements he printed from his negatives were of exceptional quality; I was in charge of the touching up.

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Individual freedom is only restricted if it is harmful plah a third party. The striking example of Soviet concentration camps has not impressed people conditioned by Marxism, any more than the genocide of the Albigensians or Incas dabielou kept Christians from preaching charity and love of their neighbor ; nor has the tragic example of Nazism prevented dictatorships gids multiplying.

He practiced dance and drunkenness. The New Akashic Records. It is one of the most beautiful periods of our lives: Gosala finally argued with his two disciples over points of doctrine, and they separated. People do not need to believe when they truly know; they only believe in things that they do not know.


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Once, when I was in Venice, I invited the parents of one of my associates for lunch. This massacre was fortunately brought to an end by the vehement protests of the great Bengali painter, Nandalal Bose, who was director of the school of art at Shantiniketan. Then he placed a gold paper crown on the head of a little girl and lit a fire that seemed to come out of the child’s head. It is apparently a Jaina influence that caused the appearance of the notion of transmigration in later Taoism.

Yes, he is French, but not “French” in his mindset, he apparently fell in love with India at some point early in his life and in no way was typical in his ideations as were fellow Europeans of his time.

Our first discovery was Khajurah, whose temples were practically abandoned at the time. What we know of his doctrine was aalin, modified, and expurgated long after his death and in a spirit thee different from his. Like a soldier who is about to be discharged, we count the days that are left. Jun 22, Johnny Cordova rated it it was amazing Shelves: It seems as though the links between cosmology and science, art and the sacred no longer existed.

Do you know anyone better qualified for the job? The middle of the Kali Yuga is everywhere marked by great upheavals.

From the time it set itself up as a political and missionary system, Christianity has done all it could to conceal its sourcesdisregarding all the other ancient traditions, claiming to have invented thd. Vijayanand never found it difficult to discuss ways of life or opinions about the world and the divine that were different from his own ; he would analyze them logically without ever allowing himself to make judgments or trying to reconcile them with his own value system or the life he had chosen or been fated to adopt by birth.