Sacred Texts Islam. THE ALCHEMY OF HAPPINESS. BY AL GHAZZALI. CLAUD FIELD, translator [b. , d. ]. []. Title Page · Contents · Editorial Note. Abu Hamid Muhammad al-Ghazzali () is one of the most important Ghazzali’s “The Alchemy of Happiness”, written toward the end of his life. by Imam Al-Ghazzali Ghazzali, called him “the most original mind among Arabian philosophers.” The first four chapters of The Alchemy of Happiness are a.

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However, that knowledge of the soul which leads to the knowledge of God, is not of this kind. T ake care and do not deny that they are correct in what they say. If men refuse to recognize their own dignity, if they neglect their duty and prefer the qualities of devils and beasts of prey, they will also possess, in the future world, the qualities of beasts of prey, and will be judged with the devils.

For a full account of Ghazzali’s Edition: The fountain of the animal spirit is in that heart which is in the left side of the breast, and is a piece of flesh. On the contrary every man in his essential nature is endowed with attributes rendering him capable of participating in the same discoveries. Jan 02, Asma Almalki rated it really liked it. If the food provided for the body is excessive, the body will be destroyed: Views Read Edit View history.

guazali In man’s own body, which is peculiarly his own world, its control and influence are very evident. Know, beloved, that the sovereign recognizes no other person except the sovereign himself. It is always flowing on like running water. Think not, that they are lazy or sleeping. Clearly I understood at that point, oops, this book was not for me, I am a woman, my role is in the kitchen.

The Alchemy of Happiness by Abu Hamid al-Ghazali

Yet as the animal soul and desire, on account of their intimate relations with the body, are so essential to it, their influence would still have been predominant. The most wonderful thing of all is, that there is a window in the heart from whence it surveys the world. Do not these ignoramuses know that their degree of attainment does not equal that of the prophets and apostles, and that they are even at a great distance from them? Since you have learned, O inquirer after the divine mysteries, the dignity and nobleness of the heart, know also that this precious jewel has been confided to you and wrapped in a veil, that you may preserve it from too close a contact with the world, and may lead it to perfection and to its place of rest, making it a partaker of manifest happiness in the eternal mansions.


Beloved, the falsehood and error of these people appear from this consideration. From Shibli to Ghazali. He has bidden you to beware and not to be heedless of your soul, which is your kindom and dominion: And whoever is of a narrow mind will not be able to appreciate that signs and miracles are influences proceeding from the heart of man, unless he should learn it by external teaching.

In the presence of the multitude, they put on a holy mien and do not approve of error and sin, but they do not withdraw their hearts from the pleasure of wine, nor from adulterous and licentious society, nor withdraw their hands from the business of gaining the world. It is exceedingly hot, but in its passage to the brain, it loses some of its heat and becomes tepid. They resemble, beloved, a person who having heard it said that alchemy was of more value than gold, because that whatsoever thing should be touched with the philosophers’ stone would turn to gold, should be proud of the idea and should be carried away with a passion for alchemy.

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Get to Know Us. But despite of his limitations, to take his wisdom seriously and to See his analogies with the transmuted Eye of The Heart, is to be close to the goal- submission to and peace in, The Real.

Each day, we would read chapters and the scholars would then explain it ghzali the context of Islam in today’s America.

Its dignity by means of knowledge is also of two kinds. Beloved, in proportion as a man analyzes the nature of his body and the variety of uses of its several members, his reverence and love for its Creator and Maker will increase.

In the same way that the spirit pervades all the limbs and the body, and the body is entirely subject to its control, and that the spirit is indivisible, while the body is divisible, so also in relation to God, all that exists, springs from him, all creatures exist by his word, and in all possible things his operations are seen, yet still he is not related to place, nor does he reason about anything, and he is free from relation or affinity to any quality of bodies or to quantity.

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One may, however, learn to understand them by knowledge and the prophetic power combined.

Al-Ghazali might make exceptions for a few women, but in general, he believes that the Sufi path is for men, that women are generally confined to the Law and men are responsible for keeping women “in the path of the Law”.

I began to believe that almost all works of the scholars nowadays are base from Al-Ghazali’s. No person is able to work at gazali kinds ahppiness trades, but by the will of God, upon one is devolved one art and upon another two, and the whole community is made dependent, one member upon the other. The remembrance of God will be predominant in the heart that alcchemy always engaged in devotion: We need to somehow lift the curtain of delusion from our eyes with regards to the temporality of this world and somehow start believing in the hereafter as a grave and forthcoming reality.

It follows, therefore, that man was not created for these things, but rather to serve God and to grow in the knowledge of him.

All the world indeed, in comparison with it, is as a grain compared with the sun, or as a drop in the ocean. Like many Sufi’s and mystics in general, he explains how our deeds will be shown to us ‘personsified’ before ghazli on the day of judgement, how dreams and waking Visions can Perceive different Levels of Reality.

Answer, the spirit is a creation by decree of the Lord. These circumstances can ghazxli be understood in this sense, either by medicine, or by nature, or by the stars. The vizier, in accordance with the information received, will administer the kingdom.

Such simple yet powerful analogies make it a wonderful read. While alchemu comparatively young, his learning and genius recommended him to the renowned sovereign Nizam ul Mulk, who gave him a professorship in the college which he had founded at Bagdad.