Energy and Internal Volume of Refrigerating Appliances AHAM HRF pi AHAM HRF PREFACE The Association of Home. BY ORDER OF THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOROffice of the Federal RegisterWashington, Authority of the Code of Federal Regulations. Energy and Internal Volume of Refrigerating Appliances – AHAM HRF This standard establishes a uniform, repeatable procedure and standard methods.

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The system automatically prevents the permanent formation of frost on all refrigerated surfaces. In addition, standardized testing temperatures have been changed for fresh food and freezer compartments to harmonize with the IEC. You may delete a document from your Alert Profile at any time. htf

An external door that is hinged on the left-hand side when viewed facing the cabinet. Also, the product shall not recover differently during the defrost recovery period than it would in typical room conditions. This heater may be switchable from fully-on to fully-off or to some condition of operation in-between.

It is characterized by a refrigerated surface s that partially encloses the low temperature compartment and cools the fresh food compartment by natural convection. Take measurements at regular intervals not to exceed 4 minutes. Ambient air temperature shall be recorded during the test period.

One which is less than either the width or the depth, or both, of the full shelf. Digital instruments must have a resolution of 0. If the model being tested has a variable defrost control Section 3.

AHAM HRF-1: Household Refrigerators, Combination Refrigerator-Freezers, and Household Freezers

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The recorded temperatures of the freezer compartment shall be the average of the temperatures recorded at the locations shown in Figure The sum of i the fresh food compartment volume in cubic feet and ii the product of an adjustment factor and the freezer compartment volume in cubic feet see Section 6.

One which essentially fills the interior cross-section of the cabinet.

AHAM HRF new_百度文库

If the compartment temperature s measured with all controls set at their warmest setting are below the standardized temperature sthen use the result of this test alone to determine energy consumption for a given setting of the anti-sweat heater switch.

The cooling of the icemaker area s shall remain unchanged. As the voice of the U. An enclosed compartment or container provided primarily to retard the dehydration of fruits and vegetables. A freezer which is accessible from the front. Chiller and drip hrd and interior of cabinet shall be dried prior to start of test after evaporator has been manually defrosted.

Item Detail – AHAM HRF (Energy & Volume Refrigerating Appliances)

For clarification, the through the door ice and water dispensers and the insulating hump are not included in the volume. An external drawer that is designed to pull or tip out. Weighting shall be a cylindrical brass or copper mass 1. This adjustment shall be determined as specified below.

Record the locations selected. Standards Subscriptions from ANSI provides a money-saving, multi-user solution for accessing standards.

A means of accelerating the rate of defrost may or may not be included in the product design. If the model being tested has a long-time automatic defrost system, the test period may consist of two parts: Two parts shall be the same as the test for long-time automatic defrost see Section 5.


Prior to the initiation of the door-opening sequence, the refrigerator defrost control mechanism hrff be re- initiated in order to minimize the hfr duration. The air gap around the freezer compartment load shall be? See Section 4 3. If the model has the quick freeze option, it shall be used to bypass the temperature control. Manual defrost is ahaj in which defrosting of the refrigerated surface is accomplished by natural or manual means with manual initiation and manual termination of the overall defrost operation.

If incomplete cycling less than two compressor cycles occurs during a hour period, the results of the hour period shall be used. The vertical ambient temperature gradient at locations 10 inches All deducts are the same. The vertical ambient temperature gradient in any foot of vertical distance is not to exceed 0. An automatic icemaker with separate and sequential water fill, htf and harvesting phases of the ice-making operation.

For long-time automatic defrost models, compartment temperatures shall be those measured in the first part of the test period specified in Section 5. The standard methods are not intended to inhibit improvement hrd innovation in product testing, design or performance. If the compartment volume is less than 2 cubic feet, then a single thermocouple shall be located at the geometric center of the compartment.

An external door that is hinged on the right-hand side when viewed facing the cabinet. Electrical measurements shall be made with the following instruments or their equivalents: