Fig.3 AgNOR staining with peripheral blood lymphocytes. . The technical aspect of AgNOR staining procedure should be carefully dealt with. Attention should. Conclusions: AgNOR staining can be considered as a useful adjunct to adjunct procedures which can diagnose malignancy at the earliest. Silver staining results are comparable to those obtained. [A standardized AgNOR stain method for formalin fixed and paraffin embedded .. to be a good adjunct to presently available frozen section techniques and cytology.

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This study was conducted in the department of Pathology King Edward Medical University, from June agonr December to introduce the new method of AgNOR staining and its interpretation to increase its reliability. They should appear yellow to light brown and nucleoli brown.

In the present study, we adopted both methods and compared their results. The grading of size variation was performed according to Khan et al. Role of the argyrophilic nucleolar organizer regions in tumor detection and prognosis.

Alternatively, you can examine the slides directly with immersion oil.

Modified method of AgNOR staining for tissue and interpretation in histopathology

Int J Exp Pathol. The nuclei stain light yellow and out line of nuclei as well as cells were usually clearly visible.

In our study, the mAgNOR and pAgNOR proliferative index were high in more proliferative and mitotically active tumours cells as we moved up in different grades of astrocytoma i. The AgNORs were visualized as brown black discrete dots staibing variable size within the nuclei.

Cytoplasmic granules, organelles and neuroendocrine. The tissue was then ready for counts. AgNOR staining in malignant and benign effusion pak. Indeed, the absolute AgNOR scores reported by different authors for the same types of tumour are scarcely staininf and the results produced by these investigations sometimes seem to be conflicting.


Derenzini M, Ploton D. Over the past 12 years, the “AgNOR method” has been applied in tumour pathology for both diagnostic and prognostic purposes. Cell kinetics analysis of surgically resected non-small cell carcinoma of the lung using the AgNOR silver stain. The skin anor and the black spots disappear after a few days.

Aqueous silver nitrate solution: Do not bring in contact with metal objects. In situ Hybridization Methods protocols.

It was concluded, that standardized AgNOR parameters correlate procedute markers of increased malignant potential in breast carcinomas.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. It is corrosive, but not really dangerous to human beings, and is used occasionally as a disinfectant. Argyrophilic nucleolar organizer region counts in multiple myeloma: Jpn J Human Genet 25, We conclude that modified AgNOR staining technique is simple, quick and reliable to evaluate cell proliferation by detecting AgNORs size and dispersion.

Moreover, in cancer tissues AgNOR protein expression was found to be strictly related procdeure the cell duplication rate. AgNOR number and distribution in the nucleus configuration were useful in the detection and prognosis of some neoplasias, such as renal, bladder, and procsdure carcinoma, multiple myeloma, and skin melanocytic lesions Pich et al. Examine under the through procdeure microscope.

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One of these was originally introduced by Ploton et al. Re-apply xylene if it dries out.

Modified method of AgNOR staining for tissue and interpretation in histopathology

This count was believed to represent proliferative activity. Rehydration was then performed in several changes of ultrapure distilled water. Should not be used because of the blurring of AgNOR staining. Two grams of silver nitrate and hence 6 ml of final working solution were found sufficient to stain five sections. Cloths and lab benches are normally soiled for life. The main finding of our study staiining that AgNOR size and dispersion remained low in normal reactive gliosis while high in malignant tumours.

AgNOR stain in normal, cirrhotic and carcinomatous liver. It was helpful in the classification of urothelial stainin in different grades of malignancy and in subdividing patients with grade II transitional cell carcinomas into low- and high-risk groups Helpap et al.


Their size and number reflect nucleolar and cell proliferative activity of tumours Derenzini et al. It is very costly and use the amount required for the number of cases. Neutral red counter stain was used for few slides to see the contrast, while for others no counter stain was used. Spontaneous in vitro neoplastic evolution of cultures Chinese hamster cells. Nucleolar organiser regions NORs are defined as nucleolar components containing a set of argyrophilic proteins, which are selectively stained by silver methods.

For storage, leave the slide on the bench until all the xylene has evaporated, remove the coverslip carefully and put slide in a box. Ultra pure distilled water was used for preparation of all solutions.

Although amount of silver nitrate is in some relation to the amount of activity, or number of active, rDNA copies; it cannot be used for an accurate quantitative study, partly because of differences of silver staining strengths within and between slides depending on fixation procedures, density of nuclei, preparation quality and age of slides. Molecular methods- lab protocols.

Silver Staining for Nucleolar Organizer Regions

A histopathological study on bone marrow trephine biopsies. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Small-capped bottles were used in which different quantities of silver nitrate like 1, 2, 3 or 4 g were kept.

These counts were high in all 40 cases of astrocytoma of grades I—IV and normal in normal brain tissue 0. AgNOR in cells was counted and size variation and distribution were also recorded.