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Revision of Army Technical Manual /NAVFAC P/AFR , Force Manual (AFM) (TM ) (Department of the Air Force, ). manual TM , NAVFAC P, and AFM 88 This document generally has the most conservative criteria. It has been updated recently with some. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Summary of Changes and Availability of the Revised TM NAVFAC P, AFM “Design of Structures to.

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The request for acm will contain a complete statement of the reasons for using such a system, including 8-822 costs, proposed special criteria and controls as applicable, performance history or tests if availablethe use of a recognized structural consultant for the design of the unusual structures, and other pertinent data.

In general, inherently corrosion-resistant materials should be selected for buried tanks although steel tanks will be acceptable if properly protected against corrosion.

Fiber-reinforced concrete will be used only if approved by the appropriate headquarters. Scope Structures other than buildings which are covered by this manual include the following: For a general discussion of considerations such as material selection, service life, etc.

Route Reconnaissance and Classification. Design of other types of manhole construction will be in accordance with applicable codes covering that type of construction. Minimum safety factors will be 2.

Design of supports and enclosures for static equipment will consider the maximum weight and eccentricity of the equipment as well as the required clearance for access to and maintenance of the equipment. In such situations, e. Where appropriate, water related concrete structures will be designed as hydraulic structures.


Design of structures of these types is highly specialized and is beyond the scope of this manual. To attain the necessary corrosion resistance, structures in such areas are frequently fabricated from nonmetallic materials including fiberglass reinforced plastic, qfm.

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At the time, it afmm Epoxy coated reinforcing bars and densely mixed concrete overlays are considered the most effective methods and are approved by the Federal Highway Administration. Designers will consider the possible hydrostatic uplift at various stages of construction. Copyrighted material include din the manual has been used with the knowledge and permission of the proprietors and is acknowledged as such at point of use.

If confronted with the need for structures such as afn, the agency providing the design will obtain relevant references and identify the appropriate specialty consultants to assist in the design.

Pressure Testing of Liquid Petroleum Pipelines. Care will be taken to assure that the natural frequency of supports is sufficiently offset from the operating frequency of the equipment so that there is no danger of objectionable or damaging resonant 8-22.

Rectangular Industrial Duct Construction Standards.

Submarine pipelines will be properly designed and anchored against undersea current and underwater tow. General Criteria for Waterfront Construction. Care will be taken in selection of material for such systems and regard given to the possibility of reduced service life when artificial materials are used.

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Additional design guidance will be obtained from applicable design agency reference documents and the Handbook of Concrete Engineering by Fintel. For example, bridges constructed of aluminum will be designed 882-2 accordance with the Aluminum Association Specifications for Aluminum Structures using allowable stresses for bridges and similar type structures. Gas and air conveyances. Other current acceptable methods may also be used.


Structures to resist the effects of accidental explosions in SearchWorks catalog

In any case, appropriate allowance will be made for movement and restraint to conform with the assumptions made in the pipe system flexibility analysis. The design of blast-resistant structures must consider the transient loadings and dynamic response of the structure that results from the specified design event. For aluminum towers and antennas, the onethird increase in allowable stresses under wind or seismic loads permitted in the Aluminum Association Specifications for Aluminum Structures will not be used.

Special requirements will be considered for applications in severe cold minimum toughness or elevated temperatures reduced yield and tensile strength as set forth in paragraph a. Water Treatment Plant Design.

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Light poles, flag poles, and sign supports. Intake and discharge structures. Designs will conform to the general concepts and practices of the proper design specification listed in this manual. A proper drainage system will be provided for the following conditions or locations: Large-scale 8822 refers to ductwork typically associated with major supply air and hot gas conveyances, e.