Professor Adrian Horridge’s research interests include the role of the nervous system in behaviour. His particular specialty was in understanding natural visual . Professor Adrian Horridge is distinguished for the combination of electron microscopy, neuro-anatomy and electrophysiological analyses of coordination in . Adrian Horridge of Australian National University, Canberra (ANU) with expertise in: Zoology, Ecology and Entomology. Read publications, and contact.

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This was September, and the full term hadn’t started. The nerves of these jellyfish have a different refractive index, so although they are completely transparent you can see the nerves under phase. They turned out to be very dull, so I tried to horidge my program as much as possible. The ship went through the Bering Straits and up the Amazon, and in it came across the Pacific, with three different groups of scientists. The effect of complexity on the discrimination of oriented bars by the honeybee Apis mellifera.

Position of onset of adrkan phase in optokinetic nystagmus. I remembered that Pavlov had done lots of experiments with learning, such as sounding a bell and then feeding a dog, so the dog learns that at the sound of the bell it can expect food.

Oh, I don’t think anything like that is innate. Neuro-muscular transmission in the earthworm. There must be a couple of hundred such papers. One such appointment in my department was Jacob Israelachvili, who worked horrjdge photo-pigment molecules.

Adrian Horridge | Royal Society

In effect, it is one axis of detector. Having worked in the Cavendish he was well up on the beginnings of quantum theory. We were looking very hard at ways of using the covalent bond borridge maximise the strength of materials, because if you use the covalent bond then your specific strengths, dividing by the specific gravity, jump by a factor of about I had help from several people in all this hard work.


The lobster optic lamina. Nearest Nobel PubMed Report error. The animal has a dagger and a club, but in order to stab or club its prey it needs to know exactly the range. And the terms were short.

Interviewed by Professor Bob Crompton in ANU Reporter, Vol 47 no. He did very well out of that.

The release of transmitter is not uniform or linear. I gather that arrian after you returned from the Red Sea and took up your appointment in St Andrews, you received an invitation to write a book in the United States. It functioned very well so the robot had information about the range of every object around it at all times, in real time, which is what they wanted.

For example, there was good physiology across the road — Hodgkin and his assistants — and I got lots of instruction from Willie Rushton about how to make microelectrodes. We were building gadgets to put on a blind person’s hand so that they could measure range using a hand movement, with a touch output on the wrist.

Then we took the small inter-island steamer to the island of Gomera, where we spent the whole summer doing a survey of birds. Do you think that was innate, or did it come in some way from your background and early environment? So it was the same software, basically, and I think they made their money out of virtual reality.

Professor Adrian Horridge

You can get them in thousands at 9 o’clock in your lab every morning, fresh fertilisations. Everybody was very happy, and students were excited by the work. He won his scholarship to Australia with no trouble. There was about 15, square feet of lab space for me, in effect totally vacant.

Adrian Horridge – Wikipedia

Getting money from all these sources was learned from Ted Bullock, who schooled me very carefully in —59 on how to apply for money, and how to build a lab, American-style.


The rear gunner was horridgf in the aeroplane, and outside it I found a guy breathing frothy, rather red blood, so I knew he had broken ribs. Working with him was Mike Bate, the first person to work out the cell lineage of the nervous system in the development of Drosophilathe common genetics fly which they all use. So you can see what a high level our work was at.

Or you can train a dog to look behind something where there is a noise. Adaptation and other phenomena in the optokinetic response of the crab, Carcinus. Of his 51 PhD students, half became professors.

NASA then picked it up, perhaps through the American military, and now supports a similar program for Mars landing. While I was there I got a cable from Canberra: Another was Malcolm Burrows, who is now Professor of Zoology in Cambridge and a Fellow of the Royal Adriab as a result of his work on crab eye and, later, the locust neuromuscle system.

Rockets for space were being made out of anything from steel to aluminium to glass fibre to asbestos, in experiments with all kinds of new materials.

Professor Adrian Horridge, neurobiologist

Somehow the Adriab Air Force picked up that we were working on this, and in about —94 they wrote to Srini that they wanted to put insect vision onto helicopters. How honeybees use motion cues to estimate range and discriminate objects. I spent a lot of time running camps. It puts a million sperm tails into one cell, all packed tight side by side, and makes them into teeth which are operating all the time.

I used to organise Scout camps and then farming camps — potato picking, pea picking and so on.