II ADNOC HEALTH, SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT A Library of HSE Systems , Programs and Procedures will be maintained by. ADNOC E&S Division. HSE Manual Description. VIKING Emergency Training Drills. VIKING Planned Equipment and Facilities Controls. ADNOC 10 Golden Rules of Safety (GOLDEN RULES OF work activities in line with requirements of respective HSE procedures & manuals.

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Details of the agreed emergency response arrangements must form part of the planning for the diving project. The dive plan must state that divers in saturation require at least 12 continuous hours of rest in each hours period.

It must be designed with a chain or gate at manula entry and exit point to prevent the divers falling out, and with suitable hand holds for the divers. This authority does not extend to the duties of the Master of the vessel. Allowances must also be made for leakage, wastage, and contingencies. They must have the original certificate in their possession at the site of the diving project – copies must not be accepted. Repetitive diving using USN repetitive dive tables shall never follow surface oxygen decompression.

Repetitive diving shall only be allowed if the Diving Contractor has its own approved operating procedures that comply with US Navy USN repetitive dive tables or any other approved decompression tables.

DP taut wire, equipment guide lines, clump weights and wires and diver and bell umbilicals, swim lines etc. Diving procedures in such codes allow the use of Scuba with certain controls.

All supervisors must have a copy of the dive plan.

In addition, a carbon dioxide analyser must be fitted in all saturation operations using gas reclaim equipment. This level of training will also require refresher training at regular intervals normally every three years that will comply with DMAC Training [Ref.

The overriding factor must always be the safety of personnel during operation and maintenance. A diver spending over two hours out of a closed bell must be offered the opportunity to return to the bell and remove their breathing apparatus for a drink or other refreshments. Diving equipment is used under extreme conditions including frequent immersion in salt water. The presence of man-made and natural petroleum products around oil fields can cloud optical lenses and may damage plastic materials.


Regular repetitive diving of this nature generally results in higher residual nitrogen levels in the body and a subsequent increase in decompression sickness incidence. The actions of the people on deck can have a major impact on the safety and efficiency of the work being carried out under water.

For the above reasons, it is important that a thorough assessment is carried out prior to the offshore operation to establish what the capabilities and limitations are of the DP system on the proposed vessel. The content of the examination and the format of the written record must be decided by the divers to confirm that they are fit to dive, and if they have taken any medication. Such checks must be documented, for example, on a pre- prepared checklist, and recorded in the diving operations log for the project.

Lift Bag A bag which is filled with air or gas to provide up-lift to an underwater object. To allow for these breaks, the Diving Contractor must ensure that the planned work either has natural breaks for example, during periods of strong tide or that qualified and experienced personnel are available to act as relievers during breaks.

While every effort is being made to design out the need for diving – and remotely controlled systems are replacing some diver tasks – it is anticipated that diving will still be required for the foreseeable future.

It requires regular inspection, maintenance and testing to ensure it is fit for use, e. Has the Contractor designated one individual to be responsible for diving safety?

Full text of “ADNOC COPV 4 09( Ver 1)”

They must be competent to provide the level of assistance that the diver expects and needs. A person who has a particular qualification, such as a diver training certificate, must have a certain adnod of competence in that area, but the Diving Contractor and adnov Diving Supervisor must satisfy themselves that the person has the detailed competence necessary to do the specific task required during the particular diving operation.

Detailed advice on how they can ensure this is given in various sections of this COP. This allows one supervisor to take rest, comfort and meal breaks away from the stressful job of operating the control panel.


Good communication is a vital factor in reducing the possibility of accidents. Recreational Diving Diving carried out by a person s for recreational purposes while not at work.

It must be fitted with the internationally agreed common manifold block for attachment of an emergency umbilical [Ref. Many factors must be considered when preparing the procedures for a specific project.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The use of an ROV or some other way of carrying adnooc the task must be considered if the possibility of an umbilical or diver coming into contact with a thruster or propeller cannot be discounted. While divers under water may not be directly affected by the various effects of weather, these can have an effect on diving operations in a number of different ways: This must have sufficient capacity to allow the diver to reach a place of safety.

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For example, in a chamber capable of being removed from the worksite to a safe location while maintaining the divers at the correct pressure and with life support for a minimum of 24 hours. His responsibilities comprise, amongst gse International Mast Head Lights Three shapes, placed in line vertically, minimum diameters two feet, equally spaced at two metres. This will normally require them to understand why they are doing certain things and how their actions may affect others.

Adnov Part 1- Surface Dependent Diver. The design of all communication arrangements must take into account the likelihood of high ambient noise levels.

Scuba diving is not permitted: These markings must be provided in English and Arabic. Work must therefore manyal planned so that personnel do not work offshore for long periods without being allowed break time onshore. It is a requirement that sets of DP alarms are repeated in the diving control center. Does the Contractor require regular on site safety meetings to be conducted?