Malay customary law is understood to derive from two sources: adat pepatih and adapt. Adat pepatih developed among the matrilineal Minangkabau of Sumatra. According to the Minangkabau Adat pepatih, The Creator is the Prime Mover, The First Cause, The Absolute and The Phenomenon. Although we learn about. What is adat land? • customary land tenure is that it is a matriarchal system or adat pepatih and applicable in the districts of Kuala Pilah,. Rembau, Jelebu and.

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Their respective daughters in turn inherit the share of predeceased daughters. The system practices democracy in electing chiefs and a king.

Adat perpatih – Wikipedia

The chiefs could not initiate attack on an individual. A digest may give a very faithful picture of its subject but not he actual laws.

The properties that the female members holds will passes through all the ancestry daat members of Adat Perpatih customary law. Taken all in all the adat pepatih may claim great merits as a system of law, it was just, humane, it tolerated no delay in criminal matters, it secured compensation for the injured, it never brutalise or degraded the first offender and is understood by all.

Constitutional structure A Malay ruler is personally sacred. Sometime the state of the society itself had not reached the point at which it would be advisable to define more particularly the offences that the chief was empowered to punish.

The whole of Hindu criminal law is characterized by lex teleonis. Retrieved from ” https: The judges were usually the village elders or the chiefs of the clans who uphold the norms of their society. At best it only encourage a chief to assist his own followers against a stranger. To the communal system they also owes the merits of their laws.

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Such a system had encourage bribary and blackmail. Thus it will connote rules of etiquette and the ceremonies prescribed for a particular occasion such as marriage as well as those customs which have legal consequences. Skip to main content. This system resulted in a gradded jurisdiction which gave adxt official judicial power beyond which he was not permitted to act.


The effect of these curious rules is not to be realised without some thought. The unique characteristic of Adat Perpatih is its matrilineal form of organisation.

The nature Before we can examine the adat as a whole, we have to study the matriarchal units, of which the population is made up. He can however add to this ancestral inheritance out of his own free will. Direct emigrants from Minangkabau to the strip on the Peninsular opposite, brought the democratic institutions and mild laws, based on exagomous matriarchal tribal structure of their homeland called adat pepateh. Compared to other states, the Malays in Negeri Sembilan are the most industrious, most intelligent and most artistic.

The concept of state and kinship has been change, tribal policies were raised in status to kingdoms, the concept of god-king had been introduced replacing the tribal chieftan. The man who uphold the nouns will be rewarded by his fellowmen with approbation, honours and the like; These are positive sanction. If one trace the history of the Wdat there seem to be few rebelion against the ruler. This can be illustrated in the saying that: The British creation of a council for the nine states of which the ruler is President and the undangs are members put the coping — store on the Negeri Sembilan Constitution.

Petty disputes were referred for arbitration to the village elders. A first offender eppatih in the first instance judge by his own people and only when a person is rejected by his own family then only there will pepqtih no other choice but to kill, banish or enslave him.

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Although it seemed to prejudice the men in Negeri Sembilan, common justice ought to make us recognised that the system worked well. In this strong patriarchal and autocratic environments, adat pepateh deteriorated into a constantly changing mass of institutions and regulations which was administered by despotic rulers and officials and became known as adat temenggong.

His power is absolute and this influence to some extend still exist in the modern Malay community today whereby the monarchial institutions and some aspect of feudal values are part of the Malays way of life and is very sacred. It is a social norm established by long usage laid down by a paramount political power or rules of human conduct which is recognized as being obligatory.


Retrieved 3 October This system of doing what is proper to make everyone happy in the name of harmony and not doing what is right has proven to be a detrimental factor to the Malays especially during the colonial days and the migration of the Chinese and Indians into the country.

On why this method is chosen is not precisely known however it is suggested that since most of the perbilangan stating the law of evidence derived its meaning from circumstantial happening or circumstantial experience gone through by the community, the tendency to rely on circumstances that lead to an even was given priority over direct evidence given by a witness.

Archived from the original on 6 October The family are responsible for the conduct of its members. Between these two groups of Malays, it is the adat pepatih society which follows its adat scrupulously. The sayings are simple and can be easily memorised.

Sultan Iskandar Shah derived great profit and satisfaction by the prosperity of trade in Malacca. Female members owns the rights to hold the property in trust behalf of the family respectively. First of all there was the basic principle that for every election and every decision, complete unanimity is required.

This requirement of unanimousity was probably desirable and certainly effective during the days of close knit clan organization. In other words, these tribal saying derived its legal characteristic because it is the expression of an instinctive sense of right and the common consciousness of the people.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Hindu incantation were now called prayers doa. It has been peepatih At present when one refers to the Malay adat, the adat pepatih pepatig gained dominence over adat temenggong. One important point to note about the Malays are although they are being oppressed, it had become a duty to the mases to obey the ruler however cruel he may be.