Acol is a natural system of bidding, meaning that your bidding is normally a declaration of your holding and not some coded message. The first thing you need to. This Acol bridge crib sheet is ideal for beginners. Have it handy while you are playing your bridge games! The left hand column shows Opening Bids. The middle. A quick overview of Standard and Acol bidding systems and how to choose which one to play.

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The Acol System was the brain-child of various bridge players, among whom were Mr. SimonLeng, Sheffield, Gambling 3 No Trump equals a long and strong Minor sysyem with at least two other suits protected with a stopper. The Official Encyclopedia of Bridge 7th ed. This was the first Acol textbook, its authors wisely disclaiming originality: Weaker bids hold the negative information for your partner that you do not hold enough strength to have bid anything stronger!

Acol Crib Sheet

No Trump hands are balanced hands, containing a maximum of one doubleton, no singletons or voids and stoppers in at least three suits.

Simon and Jack Marx became interested in Bridge bidding theory at a new level. This means that bidding opener’s first suit is unconditionally forcing.

When the opening bidder, bids for the second time, that is referred to here as the “Rebid”. Out of these conversations—surely a strange gestation—was born Acol as we know it and play it to-day.


Both limit raises and Systrm Trump responses are generally not game-forcing in the basic form of the Acol bidding system. The weak No Trump is applied when the players are not vulnerable. Once a partnership have opened the bidding, if the opposition also start bidding, that is known as intervening bidding.

For long suits count an extra point for the fifth card in any suit and every card beyond. The range of the values of the No Trump bid may vary considerably depending on the state of vulnerability and sometimes even on the opening seat. Some bridge partnerships apply the weak No Trump and the strong No Trump at any vulnerability. More detailed information biddjng the acol bidding system can be found in the following web systdm.

There are six special opening bids which are quite closely defined, and one wide-ranging opening bid:. The Acol System is used by many bridge players around the world, and is employed mainly in British tournament play.

If you hold three four card suits, bid the suit below the singleton, unless it’s clubs in which case bid hearts. There are a total of 40 points in the entire pack of cards 10 per suittherefore an average hand will contain 10 points.

Conventional bids were largely unknown at this time. The history of the Acol System is rather unique in that it was first employed in in a relatively small North London Bridge Club located on Acol Street, and hence the name.


The Acol Bidding System

If opener has bid two suits, responder can show preference between them. You should always try to open with the maximum bid that fits your hand as a weaker opener denies values for the stronger opening bid. The list is definitely incomplete, but the idea is to understand the basics first, and that is the sole purpose and intention of this web presentation. It is basically a natural system using four-card majors and, most commonly, a weak no trump.

As well as high card points, when playing with an unbalanced hand, some additional points are given for length, as obviously even small valued cards can be winners when they are the trump suit.

A suit is biddable at the one level if you hold four cards with at least one honour card. The first book on the system was written by Ben Cohen and Terence Reese. This is known as the Playing Trick count. Also, any bridge player interested gidding the Acol bidding system has a large selection of publications, which deal solely with this approach. List of bidding conventions. If the opening is one of a suit, then the required strength and Quick Trick ability can be slightly lower than in American methods, especially if the opener holds a 6-card suit.