From an administrative standpoint, CA ACF2 is tailored to individual users, Access Controls & Profile Records · Mapping CA ACF2 Guides to DocOps . The security and maintenance reports assist with security maintenance, administration. Back to Bookshelf. Expand All Collapse All. Administrator Guide · Legal Notices · Contact CA Technologies; Expand Introduction Introduction · Required. ACF2 Administrator’s Guide. MVS Installations. Table of Contents. COMPILE Subcommand–RULE or ACF Setting ‘••.

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Each frame represents bytes of memory. Ensure wcf2 accounts with elevated rights on the Metadirectory system, Identity Vault systems, and the connected systems are appropriately secure.

The change log data set must reside on a shared device unless the security system database is not shared. Click the upper right corner of the driver icon. This is normally because the client dropped the connection. Ensure that the commands are invoked by the driver shim.

LDXE Unable to open the log file. Designer also contains over thirty views to help you design and implement Identity Manager solutions. The remote loader password. LWSI Server has been initialized. Adminiistrator server has successfully completed its initialization phase. Determine what task is using the required port number, and restart the server when the task is finished, or specify a different port in the configuration file.


The driver object password. In this acg2, events were timed for ugide use case and the results were averaged across all events. An events-queued attribute to show how many events this particular exit has queued an event into memory. The connection manager could not connect to the directory as user fdn.

Identity Manager 4.7 Driver for Mainframes: ACF2 Implementation Guide

Topics include Section 3. To caf2 the driver shim started task, issue the following operator command: What options do you plan to use in your driver shim configuration file? Some errors, such administratorr no element found, can occur during normal operation and indicate that an empty XML document was received.

Higher trace levels provide more detail. Ensure that the connected system accepts passwords from the Identity Vault. To allocate and initialize the change log data set: The schema file is also used by the Policy Editor to map the schema of the Identity Vault to the schema of the external application.

Specify the location of the CSV file. See the reason text for more information about why the task could not terminate.

Click the upper right corner of the driver icon, then click Start driver. As in the following example, you should see information about the memory queue and the change log started task, as well as a valid, empty change giude data set:.


Always leave this option selected.

Identity Manager Driver for Mainframes: ACF2 Implementation Guide

The log file could not be deleted as specified. The schema includes one classe: The change log started task should be stopped during your system shutdown procedure after all user processing has ended.

Click Add Attributethen select the attribute from the list. Following are functional descriptions of the standard sections included in each exec:.

Specify the port number where the Remote Loader is installed and is running for this driver. LWSE Server initialization failure was detected. Provides information about administration tasks that are common to all Identity Manager drivers.

Is this a new installation or an upgrade? This section provides information about troubleshooting the Identity Manager 4.

For information about NetIQ trademarks, see https: Each line in the schema file represents an element and must begin with the element name: Six event types were included:.