Kagame protested that Nkunda’s rebels were acting of their own accord and not on Rwanda’s orders, but he nevertheless intervened. Nkunda. Accord de Lemera Et Son Corollaire Le Pillage Des Ressources Minieres de La Rdc. Vovband Tweede Kamer NL. La DSP a Tenté de Tuer Mobutu. kanambe. TM Spiritual Warfare Uploaded by. pasco11 · Accord de Lemera Et Son Corollaire Le Pillage Des Ressources Minieres de La Rdc. Uploaded by.

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It need not be both.

General Numbi, one of the key architects of the deal, announced that the operation had been a success. A fundamental principle is that all parties to a conflict must distinguish between combatants and civilians, and may not deliberately attack civilians or civilian objects.

“You Will Be Punished”

Hritiers de la Justice accor us that before its destruction, Lemera Hospital was equipped with modern facilities, highly qualified staff and a budgetYou’ll find information on this site explaining why we are urging the Congolese Government to immediately rehabilitate the hospital and how you can join the campaignhttp: Others were killed by machetes.

The Congolese government has often supported and shown general tolerance for the FDLR, until early when its policy changed and the government launched military operations against the group. This hospital served more than 1 million peopleDespite the Geneva Conventions prohibit attacks on hospitals and medical staff, Lemera hospital was destroyed completely without any justification.

In some areas, FDLR combatants attacked civilians before the Congolese army and their allies had arrived, sometimes deliberately taking the civilians into their military positions as hostages, perhaps to be used as human shields. The only survivor told Human Rights Watch that the year-old girl died immediately after the rape when her uterus ruptured, and the two other women died three weeks later because they were unable to access medical treatment. Dozens of former FDLR combatants interviewed by Human Rights Watch and others confirmed that no significant military operations could be carried out without clear orders from the military leadership.

Human Rights Watch believes there is sufficient information linking General Mudacumura to specific FDLR attacks in which widespread abuses occurred and that he should be investigated for his role in ordering alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity.


As with the FDLR, the killing by Congolese army soldiers was often accompanied by the rape of women and girls. These numbers have not been included in our figure of deliberate killings by government forces. About half of the Congolese army is deployed in eastern Congo. This human cost shows the need in the event of continuing military operations for the Congolese armed forces and UN peacekeepers to undertake comprehensive measures to ensure that civilians at risk are better protected.

They told him they believed that if the FDLR massacred the population, the international community would pay attention, call off the military operations, and allow for an Inter-Rwandan dialogue.

We’ll only return to Rwanda after exterminating the Congolese population here and burning your villages. Following the onset of the war and the violent attack on Lemera Hospital last year, several programs in Congo Zaire collapsed completely, with losses of capital items, drugs, files and registers. The Congolese army disintegrated, its soldiers looting, raping, and killing as they fled.

Please let be one for bright future of acckrd Congo Dem Rep. Some civilians have been killed when they refused. In Ndorumo village, the coalition forces began killing civilians after they had been called to a gathering at the local school.

The destruction of this hospital was extremely tragic and its rehabilitation could help alleviate some of the pain and suffering that victims of this corner of the country have suffered since its destruction. Premier acte de la guerre Rwando-Congolaise: La version imprime sera en circulation que sur le territoire d’Uvira. According to a rape counselor who later interviewed the victim, he identified his attackers as former CNDP combatants integrated into the Congolese army.

Most egregiously, they summarily executed hundreds of civilians under their effective control. This destruction was carried out by military forces of the ADFL in total defiance of the Geneva Conventions which prohibit attacks on hospitals and medical personnel.

The real figure is likely to be much higher—Human Rights Watch also received credible reports of an additional civilians killed by Congolese army forces and their allies in the area between Nyabiondo and Pinga.

The youngest case documented by Human Rights Watch was the rape of a nine-year-old girl on January 27 in Ngwilo village, Masisi territory. As during the Umoja Wetu operation, the area between Nyabiondo and Pinga was the target of military operations during the Kimia II operations, demonstrating that the FDLR had not been pushed out of this area during operation Umoja Wetu, as had been claimed. She also witnessed her father being killed.


Attacks on Civilians in Eastern Congo | HRW

A second group of soldiers took 40 refugees, all women and girls, from Shalio to a nearby Congolese army position where they were kept as sexual slaves, gang-raped and mutilated by the soldiers.

Some had been tied up and then had their throats slit. The FDLR threats to punish Congolese civilians in response to government military operations against them were not empty. In an incident on February 6 in Bunje village, Kalehe territory, coalition soldiers killed a year-old man after gang-raping his wife and tying him up outside the house.

When local human rights activists intervened, they received anonymous death threats. More than half of the victims were women and children.

He believed an additional 30 civilians may have been killed in the forests surrounding Ndorumo, but their bodies were never found. The two sides met in Rwanda in January in talks facilitated by the chief of staff of the Rwandan army, Gen.

The Hunde and Nande commanders were not offered equivalent command positions and remained outside the integration process, along with the majority of the Hunde and Nande combatants.

Operation Kimia II continued the brutal trend of sexual violence that had begun during operation Umoja Wetu. Mikererezi rsume cet aspect politique de cette faon: The soldiers accused the man of having built his house on a hill that belonged to the Leera.

Congo-Kinshasa: Two “Umoja” Journalists Detained For One Week

When we went back the next day, we found them, killed in their beds by a bullet through the mouth”. But the FDLR is also reportedly recruiting new combatants and continues to raise funds and obtain weapons and ammunition through its international networks. Human Rights Watch documented the arbitrary arrest in Goma of at least two Congolese Hutu civilians during operation Umoja Wetuwho were taken across the border to Rwanda, where they were held illegally for days or weeks.