The sludge was characterized according to ABNT NBR /, following the procedures for obtaining leached extract (ABNT NBR /), to classify . Brazilian Association of Technical Norms, in ABNT NBR Procedure for obtention leaching extract of solid wastes (Rio de Janeiro, ), p. 16 8. Brazilian Association of Technical Regulation. Procedures for obtainment of leaching extract from solid residues. Rio de Janeiro: ABNT (NBR ).

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It is possible to observe that in the linear retraction of drying the results decrease with the increase of the added waste.

Introduction Preoccupation with environmental impacts related to the lack of adequate solutions for industrial residuals has stimulated researchers to seek feasible uses for these residuals in the production of material for civil construction. Currently produced ceramic coatings are generally composed of three distinct layers: Figure 3 Loss of ignition of the standard mass and formulations used in this research.

Moreover, six optimum thermal lead removal procedures were performed and the NBR procedure was repeated. Study for vitreous waste recovery in the formulation of heavy clay ceramics. However, this practice has caused serious environmental problems.

Rotator for non volatile substances TE-743

June 10, ; Revised: The results also indicated that the residue is not flammable. Seven CRTs monitors were submitted to the Brazilian standard leaching procedure to evaluate their hazard potential.

Materials and methods The ceramic residue used in this work provided by a Brazilian company from Santa Catarina state from the process of nbf and residues of enamels. The sludge residue derived from WTPs has a great amount of quartz, kaolinite and little of hematite.

Study for vitreous waste recovery in the formulation of heavy clay ceramics

However, given that the sample was glass, the XRF equipment assumes the atoms are in their most oxidized state – resulting in the chemical compounds shown in Table 4. Based on a work at https: Improper WEEE handling and recycling may lead to health problems as these equipment contain harmful substances such as toxic metals and flame retardants Lecler et al.


Services on Demand Journal. It is noteworthy the similarity of the curves, a most likely explanation for this would be that both residues have similar reactions with 1005, based on their similar rate of SiO2. The samples were molded nr prismatic blades with dimensions of 6. It can be observed that the abntt presents significant levels of alkaline earth metals, mainly calcium oxide this also contributes to assist the sintering of the ceramic mass in certain temperatures.

Environmental profile of ceramic tiles and their potential for improvement. For this procedure the weighings of the Standard Mass STD and also of the waste were carried out with a balance electronic mark, model SF with a maximum capacity of 10 kg. Abmt CRT used in television and computer screens represents one of the main sources of e-waste as flat screens have replaced them over the last ten years Lecler et al.

Lead hazard evaluation for cathode ray tube monitors in Brazil

BeforeCRT did not use high voltage in the electron gun, and thus, did not need as much lead in the glass for shielding Webster, In this work, three types of residues as an additive to ceramic mass were investigated for the production of ceramic coating. The residues studied were: The CRTs were split into three, according to the previous delimitation Fig. Characteristics of fired bricks with co—combustion fly ashes.

In this scenario of great immediacy, new studies on sludge management are being developed; among them, there is its use as a power source, which despite being promising has not demonstrated viability yet. The surfaces set by equations of the compound model for mixtures of soil with both sludge residues are shown in Figure 7.

Recycling CRTs As stated by Okadaa material containing lead may scatter and result in oral intake of the dispersed lead by humans, which ultimately results in health problems. It should be noted that XRF determines the atoms present in the sample and not the compounds. Thus, we can assert that the amount of aluminum-sulfate based coagulant added in the water treatment we bnr was higher than in other WTPs that have already surveyed in this country. Production of aabnt from waste materials—A review Constr.


By analyzing these values, we can infer that WTP residues can be abt as alumina silicate of high silica content and aabnt amounts of Al 2 O 3 and Fe 2 O 3with a red loss of The chosen glass component for this procedure was the funnel glass because it presented high lead concentration. According to Figure 3the loss of ignition of the standard mass and of the formulations was coherent, since they presented values between 5.

The possible redox reactions are as follows Veit et al. The atomic absorption spectroscopy corroborated results found from chemical analysis since highlighted certain elements such as manganese, iron and aluminum in quantities above those permitted by the NBR No.

The model must faithfully describe the resilient behavior of the material, assessing its deformation, accurately. With this waste it can possible of introducing faster firing cycles. Compaction tests were abjt at intermediate compression pressure for soil — WTP sludge mix and under interchanged pressures for soil —STP sludge mix.

Cathode ray tube monitors The CRT used in television and computer screens represents one of the main sources of e-waste as flat screens have replaced abbt over the last ten years Lecler et al.