A grammar of Manichean Sogdian [Ilya Gershevitch] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Abstract. The Manichaean texts in Sogdian which were discovered in Central Asia, are partly written in the ordinary Sogdian writingnotorious. Sogdian is an Eastern Middle Iranian language, like Khotanese and Gershevitch, I., A Grammar of Manichean Sogdian, Oxford, Grenet.

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Sogdian language — Phonology. Same function as the preceding, cf. Smnw ‘Ahriman’ ; rtw ‘ 10 seconds’ ; xtw ‘judge ‘ Nom. VJ ;ptny’h ‘town’ BBB ; sry’ ‘head’ if11 ; amwtry’ and svmtrtf ‘ocean’, v. Middle with Pass, ending ; B. O, d’rt’sq ‘to hold’ i 81, 15 cf. Lett, n 16, B. Miiller, SPAW3 sqq.

A grammar of Manichean Sogdian

ST ii 1, 76, is borrowed from Parth. Some features of WorldCat will not be available. Revised translation by Benveniste, VJ, sqq. The Manichean alphabet, as used by the Sogdians, consists of 29 letters, which are derived from the Aramaic alphabet.

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Lett, ii 6, B.

A grammar of Manichean Sogdian / by Ilya Gershevitch – Details – Trove

B 49, 22, Man. For pronominal forms with this suffix v.

Not certain, in view of fryHr, cf. Hi The light-stem endings. JBAS,97 sq.

Gershevitch, Ilya, A Grammar Of Manichean Sogdian

Reichelt, Oeiger Festschrift, sq. This reduction is attested, but does not always take place, before 3, z, S, 2,perhaps also y.

Here possibly also the Acc. I2S 1 The forms attested for ‘to sell’, are analysed by H. Lett, ii 17 cf.

P 2, 32, Man. The gender of the word for ‘blood’, too, is not settled: Van, dipim naty niptttam ahunaui ‘he had not inscribed an inscription’, and Pahl. The preservation or loss of the Olr. Sfir’y fc’m ‘I am about to give’ VJ ; Man. Br, unless turning into rB cf. Lett, ii 17, PI. R 30; Bstww ‘hand’ M5; S. ST i 31, Deities on Indo-Scythian coins, 5 ; cf.


J ‘without you’, v. Baluci -uml, Geiger, Gdr. This thesis is a description z Manichaean Sogdian, based on all that has been found of it amongst the fragments of Manichaean texts discovered by the Turfan expeditions. M6; 1 with unclear ending, Chr. P 3, 65 Man. If it were rewritten today, the book would be based on more material, and contain more references to Khotanese, Ossetic, Pasto, and modern dialects. Sutra 36, against Man. In this script, as in the.