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Stories Poems Story Series. The snow was now pounding down and I was finding it difficult to see. So Sophia offered a solution — Alana should swap with Cat for awhile because my body nibht was the highest. I just lied there for a moment wondering if this had all been set up as an elaborate prank. The trip was for six nights. Adult Store Movies Webcams.

A Blizzard Night of Firsts: Porn Amateur Snapshots | Redtube

But I did what I was told and removed my boxers. I brought my sister and her friend for the weekend, but the shit weather turns and we weren’t prepared.

Snowflakes had already started to fall and nigght picking up tempo at a somewhat alarming rate. Her hair was brushed up against my face.

Stretching my numb hands, I walked closer and realized it was a small timber hut. The firss only had a living room, a tiny kitchen, a small bathroom and one bedroom.

After a while, the crisp mountain air, the absolute white of the snow and the fact that the only sound was a whistling of the wind had all caused me to lose track of time and direction.

She pulled herself as close to me as possible, which meant that not only were her breasts pressed against my chest, but I could feel the slight prickliness of her pubic hair against the side of my leg and concluded that she must shave her pubic hair really short.


Two girls were cuddled up q one half of the bed under a woolen blanket. It is the only way.

I cleared my throat and managed to thank her. She had dark, long, thick hair and had features that resembled a Mediterranean goddess, naturally tanned, with eyes as dark as her hair. I thought that it couldn’t get better ths that — How wrong I was. Never had a girl shown any affection towards me and here I had a beautiful girl warming my leg with her pussy. Select new user avatar: I wrapped her up with my left hand. My left hand was supposed to lie on her stomach, but unintentionally I had placed it a bit lower and the tips of my fingers were touching the top of her pubic hair — and best of all, she did not seem to realize it.

A Blizzard & Night of Firsts | Erofus – Sex and Porn Comics

This is the closest I had ever come to a girl’s minge and so I was obviously quite excited by this. Not as close as I would have liked, but hey, I’ll take what I can. It was then that I saw a dark shape through the dense snow, which could have only been ten metres away.

She was ridiculously cute — firsys the point of pure sexiness. Her eyes were also dissimilar as they were a blizzzrd blue. It doesn’t sound like much, but remember to an 18 year old who had never experienced female sexual contact, being surrounded by three naked European beauties was absolute bliss. If only I hadn’t of been so cold, I would have enjoyed it a hell of a lot more. I knew people occupied the hut because a snow swamped car was parked outside.

A Blizzard Night of Firsts (53 photos)

If one of us gets hypothermia we will be stuck here, without help until the snow stops. It was more of a rush if she wasn’t really aware that she was driving me insanely frustrated. She had light s, medium length hair and light brown eyes. My God, she was beautiful.


I took my jacket off, and automatically felt a constant chill, so I sped up and removed the rest off my clothes quite quickly — except for my boxers. Anyway if you forgot, my name is Caterina — but I like Cat. Without hesitation, I rapped heavily on the door and waited with hopeful anticipation. I felt a surge of relief, knowing that the hut would probably save my life.

I moved over to the edge and glanced over to the girls. I needed some time alone and so took it upon myself to go for a lovely afternoon cross country mountain trek.

It was an even better feeling when she stopped shivering and I knew it had been my body that warmed her.

She was absolutely beautiful, in an imposing, super model way yes, she was taller than me. It was all fun and games up bljzzard the afternoon on what would turn into the fifth night. I was being silly and I knew it, but the feelings stayed. Then, this innocent looking girl did forsts unexpected: Login or Sign Up.

Tags Portal Chat Forum. She opened her eyes, so without saying a word, I placed my right arm under her neck and covered my shoulder with hers, so I was holding her very close. Surprisingly, she placed her head into the crook of my neck.