Luke Jermay’s 7 Deceptions (PDF Download). Click for Luke Jermay’s first book of original material, written by Kenton Knepper; This book began it all for Luke. magic tricks forum – Hey guys, bought 7 deceptions last week and was instantly impressed. With forewords from Banachek and Kenton Knepper. They will be much less likely to buy into the 7 deceptions if they have just seen you do a Product info for 7 Deceptions. Author: Jermay, Luke.

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Pages 50 – Saddle Stitched. Books by Luke Jermay.

Derek Dingle – Genii Sept. A stunning combination of linguistics, psychology and neurology. Jermay studied Magic and magic theory, has written many books on his art and has performed magic since the age of A fascinating principle explained in full.

Steve Banachek, Docc Hilford, myself and a few select others have made additions to Luke’s incredible work. I hope for the DVD to be out int he summer. Is it real magic?

Emotional Intelligence by Luke Jermay. This is not at all what happens in the effect.

Skullduggery by Luke Jermay

My personal favorite is The Pulse trick approach – I am combining decdptions effect with the watch ideas provided in Knepper’s ejrmay Series” vol. Luke thanks for the input It’s not for those who aren’t hyper serious about performing mentalism.


You will not be able to do these effects for your friends. But to those who are Two different spectators see two different words on one ungimmicked piece of paper without a single switch.

7 Deceptions magic book-Luke Jermay

And even if it were, is there really a sense of accomplishment in using the stress of performance to get an intimidated audience member to say something you both know isn’t true? The End by Rick. Jermay has written a total of 33 books and manuscripts on magic and magic theory, many of which are limited-release, but 4 of which have been published by magic companies and mass-circulated.

Some people may actually enjoy this kind of psychological play-acting, but it needs to be made clear that this is what you’re getting here. During a palm reading, the lines on the spectator’s palm apparently move and twist on their own. RGM – Cause a spectator to forget a card that they’ve just been shown v. Hello, only my opinion, but this book is too good The Burst Bubble Suggestion: A fascinating principle explained in full.

The Magic of Jonathan Friedman: The Musical [S] – $ : Promotion

Showing the Most Helpful Newest. Sorry for sounding so much like an advert, Paul. I only jerjay Luke decides to release a video tape of this material, as I think a visual companion would be quite beneficial.


I thought i’d skip on the effects what I thought 7 deceptions was and get into the meat of it building blocks.

Reversed Gestalt Moment I first revealed the full handling of this along with some other of my other work in a book written by Kenton Kneeper entitled: About to buy a trick? A coin disappears from the performers hand reappearing in the closed fist of a spectator. To be able to receive this information for the price is among the best deals I have ever come across. All I’d like to do here is rebalance some of the negative comments At age 15, he wrote his first published book 7 Deceptions Wonder Wizards, which reached international popularity within the magic community.

Hi, Thanks for the kind words After seeing these creations, Kenton Knepper was so stunned that he actually bought the publishing rights from Luke-the first time Kenton has ever purchased another’s material.

Why do I get the impression that this is just advertising?! See a site map.