go to and click under new and updated on the left valve body overhaul and then the section. wheel. Roller Clutch. Gov. Valve Body. A. B. C. D. E. I. ZF. I. ZF3HP22, ZF4HP22, ZF4HP BMW ZF 4HP22 Remanufactured Valve Body. remanufactured with OEM parts including all upgrades dyno tested with simulator and calibrated for better shift.

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Land Rover Workshop Manuals

To help assist you with any repair your doing, we also sell technical rebuild manuals that offer step by step instructions for the repair work Carrying all types of auto transmission parts from well known car brands including Toyota, Volkswagen, GM package superior in stock today vlve.

From what we’ve learned along the way, it seems at least to me that the Jag XJ40 box might be the pick of the bunch.

I have a gallon on 2 it would be shame not to use it. Move the shifter lever up and down through the gears slowly whilst checking the oil level and topping up as required.

It needs a complete mechanical redo, which will start with a rebuilt 3. It’s also a bit longer. One weaknesses of the 02M Gearboxes is the cast transmission casing. The strategy is to use the bellhousing, torque converter and flex plate from the Disco box, and the tailpiece from the BMW, together with an appropriate selection of other bits to create a suitable gearbox for the P6B. Browse Land Package available for buying today online.

A temporary solution is to remove and clean the governor. No matter what you’re driving, we have the right Transmission Bod for your car or truck.

ZF 4HP22 step by step.

After quite a lot of searching we found one, “re-cammed” some of these clutches 4p22 thoroughly tested them, we have not had one fail since. However it is a brilliant box that suits the engine very well.

Series III vehicles had alternators fitted as standard, and it is a simple and worthwhile job to upgrade from dynamo to alternator charging, especially if you plan to use your vehicle after dark, or want to fit power-hungry accessories such as heated front windscreens. Anyone got info on the ZF 4HP22 upgrade to 4HP24 I googled this subject and many land rover forums come up, but couldnt find any guide or kit to make this upgrade.


I recognize that a manual transmission swap is the preferred course of action for our cars but, regardless, I thought that this information might be useful to some out there that prefer their automatic transmissions.

It was the final individual of Rover V8 system, that was launched in sixties. Good luck with it. Once the centre support is out you can just push the seals upwards into the case. Following a full restoration to the highest standards, a full upgrade programme began for this car.

Or in Kens place, pull the gorgeous paddles on Hello, I’ve been enjoying getting out and enjoying the XJ6 Coupe in the sunny weather 8 but I’m growing a little disappointed with the bofy power, a recent incident lead to stamping on the brakes which lead to the rears locking but not the fronts.

I patiently, carefully, methodically took each solenoid out, cleaned it, and put everything back together while systematically cleaning everything. Kingsley have become highly respected for their range of upgrades making the early Range Rovers much more capable and enjoyable to drive. The torque flow through a planetary gear set, both galve and output, occurs along a single axis. I found this by accident by the bocy Step 8 was to clean everything as thoroughly as I could, and pay close attention to put everything back the same way I found it right down to what orientation the solenoids where sitting in before I took them out.

Both springs had broken and decided to do the dance of death. Long story short, I just added the new fluid, warmed it up, and come to find I have no reverse or neutral. I have a Range Rover P38 4. A couple of considerations. From memory, there are teflon seals for the input shaft and instructions on where to drill a small relief hole in the A-clutch piston; replacement governor support rings for the rear of the box, and a spring to install in the valve body that cures a known downshift problem.

This can become a major problem especially on vehicles with high torque figures. This is the layout. I didn’t have any solenoids that had a metal mesh filter at the end but there was one small rectangular shaped metal mesh filter in the solenoid section that housed the main pressure regulator solenoid. The converter appears the same save for possibly some internal differences. Damage occurs to internal transmission parts, including warpage of metal parts, degradation of clutches, and melting of seals.


If you cannot find the part you are looking for give us a call and we will be 4p22 to help. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I’ve got vlve too, but they’re at home so I can’t post them right now. Volvo Steering Box Conversion. Search Gumtree Free Classified Ads for the latest bmw gearbox listings and more. We present complete version of this boyd in ePub. I know for a fact that if you Google: The dreaded “harsh shifts” from neutral to 1st to 2nd gear in these sharks that most of us have either suffered with or heard about.

ZF 4HP22 transmission – Wikipedia

Haven’t found Zf 4hp222 Enter a part number to view a drawing or image. Thanks again for taking the time to write the thread. These Volvo automatic transmissions are factory remanufactured and Dyno tested to ensure 4h;22 highest quality and deliver long lasting performance.

Step 11 was to bolt the valve body back to the lower part of the tranny making sure that each bolt went back into the hole it came out of, and to follow Shogun’s suggestions about torqueing everything to 8 nm starting from the center bolts working outwardly in circles. Formula One transmissions are the most advanced in the racing world, with an unparallel combination of performance, weight and packaged size. 44hp22 box can be built with both the 4hhp22 internals as above but also the 24 front end as well giving you the added strength of having the larger 24 “A” clutch, also a weak point with larger engines.

I would like to keep this thread on course, but of course comments are very welcome. Locate Zf on sale below with the biggest option of Zf anywhere online.