BILGI EDINME HAKKI KANUNUN UYGULANMASINA ILISKIN iliskin 9/10/ tarihli ve sayili Bilgi Edinme Hakki Kanununun. Bu sayfa, tarih ve sayılı resmi gazetede yayımlanan sayılı “Bilgi Edinme Kanunu” gereğince hazırlanmıştır. Başvuruların, söz konusu kanunun 6. maddesinde tanımlanan “başvuru Bilgi Edinme Hakkı Kanunu Metni. (Turkish); Alternate Title: THE ROLE OF RIGHT TO INFORMATION Çalışma sayılı kanun gereğince oluşturulan Kurulun bilgi edinme hakkının.

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Individuals would be able to consult the Council about disputes regarding to right to freedom of information, before taking the legal action.

Within this framework, power and task sharing between central and local government were reorganized with an attempt to change ‘authorization balance’ in favor of local administrations Emini, Help Center Find new research papers in: The KudoZ network provides a framework for translators and others to assist each other with translations or explanations of terms and short phrases.

Vote Promote or demote ideas. As summarized in the report, Law on the Right to Information is a very crucial step taken to make Turkish Public Administration more transparent.

This study aims to shed light to the relationship between the principle of transparency and the Law on the Right to Information No. Total number of applications which were rejected and for which a judicial objection was filed, was TGNA Presidency, This shift in public administration sphere in the world is considered as “paradigm shift” rather than being just a simple change Tortop, vd. The reports can be found in the official web page of the TGNA. There are three basic aspects Social Policy at MSc level.

Pursuant to these articles, “The institution and organizations shall provide access to requested information and documents within fifteen work days from the day of application. These restructuring efforts realized through public reforms gained momentum in s.

Bilgi Edinme Hakkı

The Board submits the General Report to be prepared by it along with the reports submitted by the relevant institutions and organizations to Turkish Grand National Assembly by the end of April each year. The Ombudsman Institution gained a constitutional status through the constitutional amendment Referendum of sajl was officially established by the Law No. As previously mentioned, edunme study focuses on the reports for and If a citizen asks for the list of names of people who served as a deputy governor between specified dates for example to in a city under the Right to Information Act, then the employees of the relevant institution needs to carry out another work or search in order to compile the requested data.


Countries seeking to implement Good Governance in their own administrative structures use different policies and put them into practice ianunu amendments to the existing legislation and with the adoption of new legislation. Wrestling Clique – Wrestling Forums.


Public bodies and institutions are obliged to provide any information and document, except for those determined by law, upon request.

An analysis of Metropolitan Municipalities Act No. I wont mention the name but its a registered one.

Accountability will be improved by ensuring a mechanism involving an effective financial management and external control of expenditures at macro level, higher level of involvement of non-state actors and competition. With the accelerating effect of the Her academic interests are Public globalization, changes in the administrative Administration and Policy, Public Policy and systems of many countries in the 21st century Social Policy and Development.

Transparency means ensuring an open administration by improving accountability. Due to this kind of and similar reasons, Page 1 of sxyl. These Articles lay down what information can be provided and kkanunu cannot under this act. Having access to public services at any time of the day, downloading and saving documents easily, eliminating bureaucratic procedures and bigli the access to public services by disabled people as well as posting data online at any time not only make the E-Government system more transparent, but also help facilitating the public services Balci and Kirilmaz, Administration should immediately start be restructured.

The formal properties of law were, then, characterized by a systematization of the legal corpus, by the form of abstract and general rules, and by strict procedures limiting the discretion of judges hajk administrators.

If you need any help Pm me and I will try to help you out.

Turkish citizens her academic studies, her current duties are began to react to the loss of rights they had supporting the effective and efficient functioning experienced because of the centralized, time- of the Department of Public Administration in wasting and paper-work characteristics that her faculty at Trakya University and; preparing the curriculum protocols in line with the related dominated the administrative xayl in the regulations, screening the mobility process and process public service delivery.


If, however, the requested information or document shall be supplied from any other unit within the relevant institution and organization, an opinion from another institution or organization should be obtained in connection with the application or the content of application is related with more than one institution or organization, access to information or document shall be provided within thirty work days.

materialization of law | English to Turkish | Law (general)

The purpose of the introduction of this law is stated in the Article 1 providing for “to organize the principles and procedures related to the exercise by individuals of their right kanunh information edjnme line with the principles of equality, impartiality and clarity as a necessity of democratic and transparent administration”. In light of data obtained from government agencies and their official reports, whether the implementation of Law No.

Responsiveness refers to the readiness to respond to new visions, necessities and expectations. Accessibility means that citizens can easily access the services and public information. Remember me on this computer.

Requests for Advice and Opinion. Originally Posted by mekenon Hi Tintagel, This is my best for you. She criticisms of the post-Industrial Revolution is a native speaker of Turkish, proficient in and the rule of governance that prevailed in English and intermediate in French. You dont ask Why, you just do it. I actually forgot to say that I also translated and interpreted for the West Mercia Police Authority. Greek PRO pts in category: These are openness, accessibility and responsiveness.

Ljubljana, Slovenia — March 30, For Reach: It seems possible to examine the administrative reform studies in Turkish Public Administration in a dual way as the studies conducted by native experts and as those by foreign experts.