Forty Verses on Reality was written by Ramana Maharshi at the request of Muruganar, who wanted a concise synopsis of Ramana’s teaching, and wanted REALITY IN 40 VERSES | VERSE 04 | SRI RAMANA MAHARSHI. 1. If Self has form, the world and GOD likewise have form. If Self is without. Forty Verses on Reality. THIS IS MY favorite work of Sri Ramana’s. It strikes me as the most complete, the deepest, and the most tersely expressed. Sixteen years .

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It is due to illusion born of ignorance that men fail to recognise That which is always and for evrses the inherent Reality dwelling in its natural Heart-centre and to abide in it, and that instead they argue that it exists or does not exist, that it has form or has not form, or is non-dual or dual.

If one enquires ‘Who am I?

The world is nothing more than an embodiment of the objects perceived by the five sense-organs. Although the scriptures proclaim ‘Thou art That’, it is only a sign of weakness of mind to meditate ‘I am That, not this’, because you are eternally That.

The aim is to provide the literal meaning free of interpretation and, also, to present the numerous nuances of meaning that can be derived from the text without deviating from a literal translation. All dualities and triads shine for some thing some reality that is the support for some thing upon which they depend [When] that is traced soughtall are loosed and dropped.

What has to be done is to investigate what one really is and remain That. One does not grasp seize, perceive anything in true Rality.

As long as a rsmana is the doer, he also reaps the fruit of his deeds, but, as soon as he realizes the Self through enquiry as to who is the doer his sense of being the doer falls away and the triple karma is ended. He knows not anything other than the Self. Various manifold forms of Consciousness.


Ulladu Narpadu

What is the Truth of the rmana which declare that if one sees the Self one sees God? This larger body of verses consists of both verses composed by the Maharshi and verses derived from other texts that were translated into Tamil from their Sanskrit originals. Are not established accomplished apart different. Since, through these five sense-organs, a single mind perceives the world, the world is nothing but the mind. The Truth is the Consciousness-Self.

Consciousness alone indeed ; Knowledge shines forth [and om not a void. Abidance without differentiation without doubtthe Absolute the Supremeis agreeable for dear to all.

So, still, abidance as the Supreme Self is not to be completely attained. He who sees God without seeing the Self sees only a mental image. Apart from the body does the world exist? For the former, the seen universe, indeed aloneis the real the true.

This is not an easy bhava state, meditation, contemplation. To try to determine the nature of the past and the future while ignoring the present is like trying to count without the unit. While one is anxiously searching, as well as when one has found one’s Self, who else is one but the tenth man?

Variegated here in this In this picture herethe seeing one the seer and the seen, and. Who is able to conceive of his state? The body is a form composed of the five-fold sheath; therefore, all the five sheaths are implied in the term, body.

A bound one becomes and enjoys experiences the result fruit of karma.

Forty Verses On Reality by Ramana Maharshi

Is to be said, the Lord who is the powerful Mastersomeone with boundless power. The dream of one who is awakened, how can it now be true? Oneself becoming His food is that seeing is seeing Him.


For the one, in the body, in the heart, the Self illumines, Including encompassing, spreading over the body and the universe, the Perfect Fullness. Visit his relity at: Nowhere we shine appearat no time we shine appearBut we everywhere and always shine. Thereafter, in them [who] are naturally by their own nature immortal, How again can there be space for the thought of death? They too, while current, are the present. Between the two, and limited to the measure of the body, something emerges as ‘I’.

Knowledge of multiplicity is false knowledge. Is not destroyed will not perish. With ramama idea thought, intelligence, mind rises, with the thought mind sets. If one turns inward in search of that One Reality they fall away. By enquiring into the nature of the I, the I perishes. Various manifold forms of Consciousness Are not established accomplished apart different.

Can that knowledge which is of one who does not know the Self oneself or: True Maharhi is not divided. Full of the mind, therefore, the world is, we say.

He is not aware of anything as other than the Self. Though the Supplementtoo, contains verses of great profundity, this present book concerns itself only with the Saddarsanam verses, which consist of the two invocatory verses, the forty verses, and the two rsality verses by Ganapati Muni that serve the function of a colophon. It is not the ego.