Anders Behring Breivik’s Complete Manifesto “ – A European Andrew Berwick (anglicized pseudonym of Anders Breivik); pages. Anders Behring Breivik born 13 February , is a Norwegian far-right terrorist who committed It has 1, pages, credited to “Andrew Berwick”. Breivik .. The play, named Manifesto , was planned to be performed over three weeks in. By Andrew Berwick, London – About the compendium – “The to the compendium – “” -The introductory chapter explains how.

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You can find analysis of those parts of his manifesto elsewhere, and in the comments on those sites you will find refutations that are then refuted and in turn there is more refutation but there is never a conclusion.

In Mayhe founded a farming company under the name “Breivik Geofarm”, [65] described as a farming sole proprietorship set up to cultivate vegetables, melons, roots, and tubers. Six hours before the attacks, Breivik posted a picture of himself as a Knight Templar officer in a uniform festooned with a gold aiguillette and multiple medals he had not been awarded. It is now Fri July 22nd, Breivik While Breivik was decidedly an Verwick, there definitely other motives that fueled his rampage.

I can assure that andeew the worst and most repetitive piece of writing I have ever suffered through! After the attack, the Progress Party immediately distanced itself from Breivik’s actions and ideas.

His mother also remarried, to andrdw officer in the Norwegian Army. Retrieved 17 September Han ble fritatt fra verneplikt, og dermed har han ikke spesialutdanning eller utenlandsoppdrag for Forsvaret.

Full text of ” A European Declaration of Independence”

Knights Templar and popular culture. Priests in jeans who march for Palestine and churches that look like minimalist shopping centres.

But alas, he got stuck. Since his imprisonment, Breivik has identified himself as a fascist [29] and a Nazi andfew, [30] who practices Odinism [30] [31] and uses counterjihadist rhetoric to support ethno-nationalists. Already have an account? In his early teen years he was a prolific graffiti artistpart of the hip hop community in Oslo West. Breivik further states that he strives for a “pure Nordic ideal”, advocating the establishment of a similar party in Norway to the now-defunct neo-Nazi Party of the Swedesand identifying himself as a part of “Western Europe’s fascist movement”.

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Sign up for free access to 3 articles per month and weekly email updates from expert policy analysts. His family name comes from Breivika in Hadseland literally means “broad vik ” [7] or “broad bay.

The district court has laid the threshold too low for what constitutes “inhuman or demeaning treatment”]. The second request had included the suggestion that one person, 208 a gagging order in place, could represent the entire press corps, while joining the walk-through.

Anders Behring Breivik – Wikipedia

He also expressed his admiration of the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putinfinding him “a fair and resolute leader worthy of 20833, though he was “unsure at this point whether he has the potential to be our best friend or our worst enemy. Kilder i Forsvarets sikkerhetsavdeling Dagbladet har snakket med, forteller at Breivik allerede ved sesjon ble luket ut av rullene som ikke tjenesteskikket.

Aug 16, Anita Dalton added it Shelves: Retrieved 23 August Other reactions to the verdict include those of former convicts: At the time of the attacks, Breivik was a member of the Lodge of St.

He posted an manifesto online called ” – A declaration of European independence. On July 22nd,Breivik placed a car bomb at the Norwegian parliament and later went on a killing spree at a camp of the Norwegian Labour Party youth wing.

The prosecution could instead have requested that he be detained in a psychiatric hospital. Fjordman quit blogging for a while after the Oslo bombings.


Rape apology is ugly, ugly, ugly, but strangely even more perverse when you are gloating over the rapes of the very women you hope to save from those Muslims.

What did the Oslo killer want?

Archived from the original on 29 September It berrwick just be my facts against their facts and it would be a colossal waste of time. Archived from the original on 15 January He took his graffiti much more seriously than his comrades did and was caught by the police on several occasions; child welfare services were notified once and he was fined on two occasions.

December 31, As of [update]he has an electric typewriter and an Xbox without internet connection in his cell. In DagbladetAina Sundt Gullhaugen research advisor and psychologist said about prison superintendent Bjarkeid’s opinion that Breivik is not one of the prisoners at Ila suffering [from isolation]: But then he gives in to some really base ideas.

The sixth witness was Tore Stenshagen, also a section leader at Skien, who served during the third quarter of Poland point to a breach of EMK in our case”. Yes, I read the damn thing and will be posting 4 discussions about this manifesto over on I Read Odd Books. He claimed it helped him gain target acquisition. He was ordered held for eight weeks, the first four in solitary confinement, pending further court proceedings.

Retrieved 3 April Requests assistance to continue the struggle]. He could have started by enumerating what he perceives as Muslim atrocities committed in Europe. The time for armed resistance has come.

In his eyes, if his family was destroyed, then other families needed to be destroyed, too.