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Her investigatory powers are clear-cut. Of these98 have been formally authorised, of which 37 38 per cent were considered sroular the Ad hoc Ethical Committee.

They have carefully and strategically inserted it into the EU system, where it could have a significant impact on the shaping of new EU legislation or policies, and those under revision.

Reding was appointed to the board of Agfa Gevaert in May ; Reding has yet to join the board of Nyrstar. Notwithstanding Kallas’ short tenure with Nortal, the Commission should not have authorised this role. This year marks the birth centenary of globally renowned South African icon, Nelson Mandela. Adolescent Girls and the Girl Child. Summary One in three 9 out of 26 outgoing commissioners who left office in have gone through the ‘revolving door’ into soorular in corporations or other organisations with links to big businessleading to fears of an unhealthily close relationship between the EU’s executive body and private interests, according to a new report press release here.

As the committee notes, Kroes describes the role in very general terms: Petite has also carried out lobbying vis a vis the Commission. This would help introduce joined-up thinking in cases like that of Siim Kallas who has multiple roles and obligations, as a former commissioner, a current Commission special adviser, and until August a private sector consultant. We are not holding our breath.

In our view, the Commission should have applied a far lengthier and broader lobby ban, with specific reference to those corporations with funding or governance links to the TNC. We have pulled together a spreadsheet of the new roles taken on by departing members of the Barroso II Commission. The interests and opinions of citizens have become sidelined in the resulting turmoil.


However, we are not clear how much consideration there was about the nature of the Bilderberg conference.

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In our view, the Commission should not have authorised this move. Legal notice Privacy Statement Cookies. Even if Damanaki does not directly lobby the Commission for 18 months, she is clearly a high-profile and well-connected individual and she would be able to provide substantial advocacy advice indirect lobbying to her new employer. Agriculture; Fisheries; Industrial releases; Marine litter and noise; Marine protected areas; Maritime spatial planning; Pharmaceuticals; Response to spills; Shipping; Species and habitats.

All former commissioners should be explicitly forbidden from accepting any new role which risks creating a conflict of interest with their former role as a European commissioner for three years after their departure ; this would at least match the period of the generous transitional allowance to which all ex-commissioners are entitled.

The revolving doors spin again

These are unpaid roles and the Bilderberg role was passed to the Ad hoc Ethical Committee for an opinion. Gender equality in Education.

Meanwhile, the Commission did not consider that it even needed to formally authorise Barroso’s new role at the European Business Summit, due to its honorary nature, despite the EBS being the largest business lobby event in the Brussels bubble calendar. It has been collated from information in the Vve of Commissioners’ published minutesfrom access to document requests, and from other public sources.

There is huge potential for the Bertelsmann media and services company to benefit from the political knowledge and contacts of Reding, particularly her know-how in the relevant media, privacy and education sectors.

Furthermore, Kroes was a European commissioner during the entire span of the financial crisis; we question whether it is appropriate for her to join a major bank with European interests, in any capacity, so soon after leaving the Commission.

We think all such roles should go through a formal authorisation process. I have never lobbied for Nortal in European institutions. In this annex, we present the existing rules and present an in-depth analysis of how they should be changed.


Cases where new roles were considered and ultimately rejected for authorisation should also be made transparent. Kroes originally joined the Commission in amidst claims of possible conflicts of interest relating to her then 25 corporate roles. Many, although not all of these, are unpaid or honorary positions. We have additional concerns that Reding holds these paid roles as a sitting MEP, particularly as she is part of the Parliament’s trade committee and currently acting as rapporteur on a report to make recommendations on the negotiations for the very controversial Trade in Services Agreement or TiSA.

Annual report on discharges observed during aerial surveillance in the Baltic Sea But it was the gas industry that really stunk up the conference, its influence seeping into all corners of the negotiating halls. This role should not have been authorised so soon after Reding left the Commission.

View in Web Browser. The questions this report set out to answer are: While separate organisations, the foundation controls the majority of shares in Bertelsmann, the global media corporation, holding The fully independent committee should be supported by a well-resourced secretariat with investigative powers. The new roles of the Barroso II Commission in 10 factoids We have pulled together a spreadsheet of the new roles taken on by departing members of the Barroso II Commission.

Moves which have been notified to the Commission but which do not need formal authorisation under the current rules ie public office should also be included.

Almunia did not respond to CEO’s questions. No new roles should be publicised until they have received full authorisation. Departed commissioners still operating within the new Commission: Nyrstar 1 Viviane Reding. Febelfin explicitly states that they are doing EU lobbying for their members and Febelfin is part of 0209 European Banking Federation which is very active at the EU level.