Doc verified by: kcastill1 hosted: source title: Degree Swashplate Setup Levelling E Book pdf Download source description: High. · visit The swash. The ultimate desige of Universal Swashplate Leveling Tool can fit with 3 adjestable leg, cover 90~ degree swashplate. ‘ CCPM. The goal of this presentation is to assist you during the base setup of a Please consult your helicopter’s instruction manual to determine what swashplate type your helicopter uses i.e. 90, , , or * degree swashplate pictured. then adjust the swashplate links to ensure that the swashplate is level and at the.

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Similarly if you find that you need to reduce the Min and Max servo signals in too much, you may need to move the ball links on all the cyclic servos further towards the servo spline shorten distance from servo hub to ball. Change should happen immediately. It is personal preference as to what you want to use. Lets see If you have been paying attention.

Swashplate Setup & Levelling eBook

I purchased your e-book last week and firstly enjoyed reading it through before starting work. If it is a long way out, then you way want to re-calculate the weights and re-balance to regain resolution. The next step is to ensure max and min collective pitch are correct.

I also do swtup same for throttle. I surely would have given up on this hobby without you! I can’t imagine how much time I would have saved if I knew your “little secret”. You need to write more books like this. Not very helpful – right Please note that some helicopters are type HR3 or HN3, except off by degrees.

If you want to use a buddy box, you cannot fulfil this criteria, so if using buddy box the slave must send a CCPM mixed signal to be used less than desirable.

In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. While at this state, ensure that the same expected high pitch is maintained by all swash servos.


Strictly speaking, cyclic is the combination of Aileron and Elevator. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. I told him to purchase and read your “swash” book as you should take full credit for how my heli flies. Swash setting for, degree and mechanical settings for Futaba radio. Swash ring ensures the combination of aileron and elevator STICKSexcluding trim, are no more than the distance specified from the center.

Move the collective up and down to determine if there is a servo that moves in an opposite direction to the other two. Additionally, several servos working in unison ex: Your Flight School is fantastic. The reverses will be dealt with later. On CW swinging blades, to go forward, max pitch occurs on the right.

Unfortunately, this is not easily done for aileron and elevator as these values are taken directly from inputs but more on this later. He said you mention in the book a properly setup swash should give those kind of results and now I’m a believer. Once again, thank you for the well put together literature. I am going to be making four assumptions that are required to properly set up an electronically mixed swashplate: Collective is the angle of the main blades.

Next move the collective stick to the maximum positive collective in a flight mode that will allow greatest positive collective pre-mixing.

With Aileron input, the three servos tilt the swashplate left and right; with Elevator input, the elevator and pitch servos tilt the swashplate fore and aft; with Pitch input, all three servos raise the swashplate up and down.

CCPM for Taranis

Fundamentally, the servo operations of H-3 type are almost that same as HR3 type. I assume you have a model that has elevator, aileron and degre programmed. For example, a single aileron signal one cyclic servo must go up and another must go down.


For the CCPM mix, the cyc1 servo must be in line with the mid-line of the helicopter. Please remember, this is an eBook and there are NO hard copies available. I am still somewhat unsure of radio settings but when I reach that point I may be turning to you for some extra advice. As others settup said, you are degfee real credit to levelllng hobby.

Now that mid-collective is done, navigate back to the Mixer page and adjust the weights of cyc1, cyc2 and cyc3 back to Instant download link sent directly to your email address. This is the book I’ve been looking for. CCPM mixing in the transmitter is only required for flybared helicopters where the receiver directly controls the swash servos OR particular flybarless controllers like 3GX that derive inputs from a CCPM mix.

Elevator stick down nose up should twist the leading edge of this blade up. Levellinng the transmitter to the model as setting the following steps needs to be done on the model to ensure correctness.

Hi John, received and used your swashplate setup guide. Regards, Patrick Chan – United States.

The advantage of swash ring is that is can prevent servo binding as long as you only use none or positive expo. You can skip this if you want, but some want to know how you change aileron xelevator y and collective z signals into cyclic signals cyc1, cyc2 and cyc3 for servos spaces at degrees around the swash plate.

Here are a few links that might come in handy: What would be CCPM weighting ratio for a collective: My little electric had sat unloved and gathering dust after I gave up trying to unravel the secrets of setting up CCPM. Make sure that your transmitter is bound to the receiver.