IV. EMPLOYMENT INFORMATION. Borrower. Co-Borrower. Borrower. Co- Borrower. Freddie Mac Form 65 10/ Page 1 of 4. Fannie Mae Form 10/ If this is an application for joint credit, Borrower and Co-Borrower each agree that we intend to apply for joint credit (sign .. Fannie Mae Form 7/05 (rev.6/09). Uniform Residential Loan Application/Solicitud Uniforme para Préstamo Hipotecario Residencial . Página 1 de 8. Fannie Mae Form s 7/05 (rev.6/ 09).

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Know all there is to know about the US Mortgage Industry. This section contains the income information for the borrower and co-borrower. However, no regulation specifically requires the use of Form Confused about the choosing right loan product for you?

Since lenders sell a large number of loans to Fillbale Mae and Freddie Mac, filllable is much easier to implement the Form for all loans instead of having different forms for agency and non-agency loans.

Freddie Mac also uses the same application form and is known as the Freddie Mac Form fillabke The section also requires detailed information of any real estate owned by the borrowers in the Scheduled of Real Estate Owned. Form is used to obtain financial and personal information about borrowers who apply for a mortgage loan secured by a one to four unit residential real estate.

URLA/ App with Demographic Info. Addendum PDF fillable | Application

For cancelled, declined, or withdrawn loan the Form should be maintained for at least 25 months after the date when the decline notice was sent. The information relating to all the assets and liabilities of the borrowers is entered here.


Part-time, temporary, and seasonal jobs held in last two years should also be entered. Certain sections may require the borrowers to provide detailed explanations.

System Notification

They can simply take the same application form and submit to different lenders and not worry about filling different forms for each lender. Responding To A Loan Decline. Most of the loan origination software systems have support for the Form 103, including the ability to transmit the loan application electronically.

The loan purpose and title information is also entered. We help you to make a well informed decision. The first section contains certain instructions for the borrowers and explains who needs to complete the form.

This is generally referred to as “Final ” and is prepared by the lender. Section IV fillabel Employment Information: Two years of employment history is entered in this section. The sheet is used to enter any additional information such as when there is not enough space in the form or when detailed explanations are required.

Licensing Mortgage Finance Loan Products. Therefore, the final has the income, asset, and employment information that the lender verified and used for underwriting purposes. Fannie Mae Form is a loan application form designed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that is used by lenders to obtain financial and personal information from borrowers filllable apply for a mortgage loan secured by a one to four unit residential real estate. Initial helps establish the date of application, permissible purpose for obtaining credit report, and intent of borrowers to make a joint application.


The second set of information is the Combined Monthly Housing Expense information which determines the current cost of housing expense. Why is Form used as a standard loan application form?

Borrower completes and signs the form. Lender’s Considerations Reviewed By The loan originator or loan processor should have the primary responsibility to review the form for completeness and consistency of information.

Form is filled at two times during the loan process.

Blank mortgage application online | Download home loan app

Form is first completed at the time of making a loan application and fillabe form is generally referred to as “Initial “. Declarations related to past credit, current residency status, purpose of residence, and other declarations are made.

Any discrepancy in the income, employment, or asset information should be investigated and verified through independent sources. The borrowers provide acknowledgment to various disclosures and affirmations. The section also contains additional information that the loan flilable needs to enter. Building customized application form entails additional costs. Details of the structure of the property transaction is entered here.

Another Form is prepared at the time of loan closing. For applications taken over phone, the loan originator may complete the application form and then send the completed form to the borrower for signature.